Here is a place where you can come to get inspired, learn new things and learn about all sorts of fun things. 

My nature is to be a maker and have been one since I was a kid. I had my own craft area from early on and it is always one of the first places that I set up where ever I am. Yep I am the type to bring my tools along. 

I love to craft and create all sorts of fun things. My favorite tool is my Glowforge laser which I use in all of my projects. It's such a simple and user friendly machine that even both my kids are able to use it. 

I am also adding the Chalk Couture products into my collection of products that I like to offer plus enhance the items that I create. 

My blog is one where you can read up on my doings, crafting and well what ever comes to mind. Please take a look around to see all the fun things that I have to offer.