The Geeky Texan Makes... A Pencil Holder

So being gone 5 weeks and finally getting home, I sure did miss creating. My Glowforge was ready for me to start creating today. So as I worked at getting all of our stuff unpacked and of course laundry that needed to get done, I worked at creating some fun things.

The one I am showcasing in my post today is a free item that Glowforge gave to the owners. It is a cute and very detailed cut pencil box. The holder took about 30 minutes to cut out and the detail is amazing. I am always taken back when I see how amazing this machine is and being away from it for 5 weeks, I am back in love with it.

The machne did most of the work and I basically cleaned it up and popped all those little pieces that didn't come out right away. I than glued the sides toegther and tada it was together. I am planning on making it again in some nicer wood (I just uused the test wood).

The machine cutting

Putting the pieces together was simple.

Here is a video of the machine cutting.

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