The New Geeky Texan

Welcome to the new and improved Geeky Texan. As I was away visiting my family in Wisconsin,

I worked at creating a new website and blog to showcase my unique handmade crafts. The new page streamlines ordering these unique projects and offers a variety of delivery options. I will be posting all sorts of new things all the time, so please make sure to like and follow my Facebook page.

The blog is here is to give insight to the unique items for sale. I spent all of July creating and designing lots of unique items to showcase. I hope that I can do a new item day all through the month of August and even have a fun Dreamcatcher collection that will include decor, jewelry, and clothes. I am so excited about bringing my ideas to life in a variety of mediums.

Feel free to email me at f you have any questions or ideas. I love to create custom creations, so let me see what I can create for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Geeky Texan

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