The Geeky Texan Makes...Kitchen Redo

My kitchen was dated and nothing had been done to it for about 14 years. We put new flooring and painted it after we moved it because I could no longer stand the dated wallpaper from the 90s.

I loved my bright sunny kitchen for years but than it started feeling dated and needed to be refreshed. I debated for quite awhile but finally pulled the trigger and went for it.

I started with taking down everything and repainted the walls grey. It’s a trendy and neutral color. Kids loved but hubby said it reminded him of the Navy which isn’t a bad thing.

My 12 year old was so excited to help so she taped and painted without a complaint. She said it was like fixer upper was coming in.

After we painted, we scrubbed the cabinets and counters. I put a primer on the counters which needed to set for 8 hours.

Than the fun started with painting the cabinets. Two coats later and we really like them. Over the stove just turned out okay but that was because those cabinets were awful from all the cooking funk that adds up. Honestly I might see if I can find replacement doors and just paint them.

Finally the counters which were a paint technique to look like marble. It was fun and amazing how it starts to come together . After te pain twas dry, I added three coats of the clear coat which gives it a nice shine. It was overall pretty easy to do. Lots of ta[ing and scrubbing once it was ll done, but worth it.

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