The Geeky Texan tries...Hygge

Have you heard of Hygge the Danish way of creating happiness? Its becoming a new trend here in the US and if you do a quick Pinterest search you will find a bunch of ways to incorporate this lifestyle in both small and large ways.

As I was reading up on this trend, I thought to myself that I already do a lot of the hygge things in my day to day life. I love comfort which it is all about and slowing down to enjoy life which we are all trying to work on. There are also a bunch of books that you can also read up on it. Many of them outline away to add hygge to your life. The one I really liked was (insert book) which outlined a 30 day challenge in getting hygge in your life. This was the way I figured I could best add hygge into our lives without overwhelming my family plus many of the things we do like board game nights and just hanging out were already cemented into place. One of the first challenges are to add hygge into your life like putting candles all around, having pleasant scents and having spots to relax around your home. There is already plenty of candles and diffusers in my house so I reminded the kids to use them. There was also some rearrangement of furniture to better suit our needs and even a additional piece of a new coffee table which the kids have been using for board games and doing homework.

Also we have been slowing down more because the week is busy. Trying hard to not have to much going on during the weekends but baseball/softball starts up soon so it is so important to have that down time for us. Enjoying good foods and treating yourself some is also an important part of it. Food is so important as a way to connect as a family. We have been trying once a week during the weekdays to have breakfast as a family. Its a time to sit and see how we are all doing. We also try to go every Sunday morning as well. Food should be enjoyed and this is a critical time with our kids.

Another part are having a treat for yourself. We seem to be all wrapped up in all or none with indulgences but having a little one daily is good for the soul. No magic potion or strange diet is going to fix it but learning to slow down, control portions and savor will do wonders. Connecting with others is also another important part of the hygge lifestyle. This has honestly been the hardest part because every one is so busy plus I am not in those types of circles where I get connected. Its been one of my goals to be better at connecting so I have been working on finding better people to connect with and discard negativity that often comes with those types of games. The other people I am working with to strength our relationship is my husband and kids because they are the most important thing. It was a wonderful feeling when my daughter said she really enjoyed the weekend of down time. So far the challenge has been rewarding and there is way more to come with it. I am trying to be more positive in life, be better centered and not jump at every fade out there to make myself a better person. Most of the things with hygge are things that we are all trying to strive to so stayed tuned for more hygge adventures.

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