The Geeky Tries... Grove vs. Brandless

We all fall for those Facebook ads that scream deals. I admit to trying some abs most turn out to be a deal but if you ask my hubby about the lightsaber (which lasted like five minutes with the 8 year old), that was a scam.

A few months ago, ads for Brandless starting popping up on my feed. I went to site and was impressed with the cost. Every thing was $3 and the variety was pretty good. I decided not to get anything but a few weeks later decided to visit it again after seeing the ad again.

Free shipping was offered if you spent over $50 plus you got a free gift of some kind lime 5 dollars off. So I ordered a bunch of stuff and in about a week, a box came of all sorts of things.

I had ordered food items (love the nut chews) to cleaning supplies like the multipurpose cleaner. Everything was packaged well and there was a cute note from the person to prepped my order.

Every single food item has been good. Great sauces and reasonable olive oil. I liked it so much that I ordered a second time of many of the same staple things I got the first time. I forgot the cookie crisps that my kids just loved.

Love the cleaning supplies as well. The cleaner didn’t have a smell but did a good job. The hand soap smelled nice and not a bit to strong either. I love nice smells but don't want to be over powered by them either. I want my home to feel comfortbale and smell that way as well. I like not smelling the kids or the dog either.

Than I keep seein gthe ads for Grove Collective and thought I shoudl give them a try as well. Prices are very similar but the amount is different. The two above bottles are priced a dollar apart but the Mrs. Meyers brand was less product and dollar more. Grove had a bunch of freebies added in and free shipping as well. The products from Grove can also be bought at a ocal store for about the same price.

The all purpose cleaned smelled so nice- it was pumpkin scented for the fall. It also stayed smelling nice for awhile. I could see getting it and changing the scents for the sesons.

THe floor cleaner was great and made my floor look really nice. I even went in and added the tile cleaner to my next order because it was so nice. You can also get a refill bottle from Grove as well. THe Walnut scent was mild and just added into the fall scents I was already using.

Grove had a bunch of freebes as well like the cute tote, walnut scrubbers and a glass cleaning bottle. I was imporseed with both.

Overall and I did not get paid to promote either, I think I would use Grove for cleaning supplies and not go through Brandless again. I liked the stuff better over all even thought the Brandless stuff was a great product. It was my perference. For snacks and personal care stuff, totally sticking with Brandless. I love the Grapefruit facewash and the dye free body wash. I also love the reasonable priced vitamins from them as well.

So now my house is super clean, and smells nice.

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