The Geeky Texan does...Self Care

This has been my mantra for the last few months. I recently turned 41 and I feel it in my body. It’s like it’s all downhill from here now babe!

My hubby summed it up well, it’s like the warranty just expired so now you need some work. 

Plus I think the change might be starting and yes I am young but in my family this is the age so some mild hot flashes, swinging emotions (I may or may not have sobbed at the flowers my hubby sent or the card from my Mom) and other stuff. 

To top it all off, it’s so much harder to drop weight than it was at ten years ago.  I also like food so it’s hard finding a good balance.

Did I mention I also have a tween in the house who herself is going through her own thing! That might be why a pimple popped up on my face and I haven’t had one in ages. Double dose of hormones.

So I figured I needed to do something for me. I want, no I need to be a better person. There are lots of things I need to improve. I love the above representation because that sometimes how I feel. Holding all that in.

I am trying to be better, and calmer because some things just aren’t working. First I am journaling more and adding in Hygge into my life. I need reminders to slow down and relax. 

I make a point every night to take a relaxing bath before bed. This one change up in my life has helped lots. Better sleep, more relaxed and less rushed in the morning. It has also helped in cutting down the night time tv watching. I am more deliberate in picking calm shows instead of just watching whatever is on. 

We are trying to eat better. I am doing eMeals which has helped with meal planning and picking healthier options. Kids gripe some but they are adjusting. I want to learn quality rather than quantity. I stopped buying soda. Kids are drinking more water and milk now. They stopped asking for it and I notice it’s more a treat now.

As moms we feel run down and drained more than not. Sometimes my family doesn’t see all the stuff I do and they don’t get why I am drained. I need to make time for me and my things because it helps me feel better.

Overall, we as moms need to take a step back and be honest with ourselves when we are struggling. We can be guilty of keeping it all in and than exploding. If I can feel better, relax more and find time for myself, than being a Mom can be just a little bit easier!

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