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If you know me, you know I am a planner. It’s my control where I need to keep my life in order. Over the years, I have tried all sorts of paper planners to online ones. All have worked for me at some time but paper planners work the best in tandem with my phone calendar (which syncs with my computer as well.)

Planning is something I actually enjoy and because I spend time, Iike my various planners to reflect who I am. I am not a jus jot it down person, but I plan to plan. Sounds funny does it!

Once a week, I take time to work on my planners and yes their are multiple ones. I have 6 different planners that all serve a purpose. Some are daily ones while others are weekly.

These are my six types:

1. Schedule planner

2. Craft project and Blog planner

3. Kids stuff planner

4. General Life Journal/Planner

5. Travelers notebook

6. Memory Planner

I know that sounds like a lot and I use to chuckle at others who have multiple but as I tried to combine planners, it got to be to much so I decided to break it apart to better utilize them.

Schedule Planner

The biggest planner is of course my schedule planner where I put all the comings and going’s of the house. The kids activities, my stuff, as well as my husband’s stuff. I prefer the Happy Planner because of the versatility of the planner. You can move things around and the three box system works nicely for my needs. Plus the tons of accessories to modify make it fun.

Craft Project/Blog Planner

Yep I have just for all of this. It helps me keep track of all the things I want and need to do. I use a Happy Notes which is a fun basic notebook but with the versatility of a Happy Planner.

Kids Stuff Planner

This is all things kid related. I have notes for Doctors, info on school and sports. It’s my go to for all things related to my children!

General Life/Journal Planner

This is my planner that I journal in and keep my thoughts organized. It’s amazing how much a few minutes writing down my thoughts helps especially when I am pent up or lots of things are going on.

I keep this one by my bedside so I can do it before bed. I also note progress with things like when I was working on putting more hygee in my life so I knew what I had done or needed to do.

Travelers Notebook

Which is truly one of my favorites. It’s really my art journal where I can doodle in and make notes of thevstuff of the seasons and holidays.

Memory Planner

I started this one last year and just started on my second one. It’s a fun way to keep track of all the things that happen during the year. It’s broken down by month and week. It has helped so much with keeping me on track scrapbooking because it only takes a few minutes every week.

Seriously I know that is a bunch of planners and I have them every where so that I can keep my life in order. I thrive when everything is in order and if I am ornery, than you bet chaos is about. This helps me keep on track and the kids. I even have a large weekly calendar for everyone to see what the week has planned though my husband never looks at it because I get texts all the time where are you if we are not home. He just never thinks of looking at it though the kids live by it and if they see something they don't like on it, oh I hear about it like the general appointment is usually something like a flu shot or eye doctor.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing how I plan!


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