The Geeky Texan does...Halloween

It’s less than week until Halloween which is my favorite holiday. I think because I am a October baby plus I havea tad of a dark side (wink).

The house has been decorated since October 1 and this year’s inside them is  a black and white motif.

My focal is always the wall above my piano where I used a mixed of new and old things. A few things made and a few things bought. PS some of it was from the Dollar store! 

My fun table scape with my awesome table linen which was found by my mom a few years ago. She saw it and knew I had to have it. 

Yes even the tree got decorated for Halloween. 

Here are some of the projects I created. Of course a creepy 13th hour clock and a fun sign!

I even created a dancing skeleton lamp that glows green when lit!

My final project was some jewelry for my Halloween dress. Yes I have a fun dress for trick or treat. 

Stay tune because the kids created their own awesome costumes! 

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