The Geeky Texan does...Holiday Hygge

The Holiday season is upon us once again. A few years ago I decided not to stress myself out with all of it. I shop early, refuse to go unless I really need something and order online as much as I can.

Slowing down really helped. Last year we even did a week vacation which helped even more. I don’t like having my stress at a near boiling point and you know what, there is no one I have to impress either. My family just likes to have me present.

Hygge has become something that I have really intrigued into our lives and the holidays even more so because it fits in so well. I love having all the holiday stuff around and the following is my top 5 of things I love!

1. Warm drinks a plenty!

I love having a nice coffee/ tea bar where you can grab at anytime a warm drink to help with the chill. Fun things to put in like a good variety of flavored honey. I picked up a variety pack at Trader Joe’s this past weekend. I also have apple cider and wassil as well for those evening warm drinks.

2. Mood lighting!

Bright lights are a no no for me. I rarely put the overhead lights on. Lamps and adjustable lights are a must. Nothing is better than reading a good book under a soft light.

It’s also the time of year we decorate with holiday lights. The soft glow of tree lights is so nice. I have a tree in every room so you can just sit down and look at the twinkling lights. I got an adorable small 4 foot tree from 5 below that I have in our master bedroom. It’s nice to fall asleep to the tee glow (no worries because the hubby is up later and turns it off).

3. Wonderful scents

I love my candles and scensty smells. I love to walk in some where with a warm scent of the season. I just finished burning a pomegranate candle from grove and found another one from IKEA do that’s the scent of the season. It’s a good fall to winter scent. 

I also love my diffuser and essential oils. I purchased different tree scents like pine and spruce. Those are wonderful winter smells.

4. Good food 

Food is something I love but it has to be in moderation of course. Three times a week in the gym for 60 minutes can’t be undone with to many sweets of course. So we have small bites of treats like a good cookie or piece of candy

We also enjoy fun things like a good marmalade on a piece of wheat toast. My new favorite is grapefruit which I picked up from Trader Joe’s. It reminds me of my grandma frim when I was little. 

Hygge is a good thing for that, remembrance of the good times but also working on making new memories! 

5.  Meaningful gift giving!

I struggle often with getting the meaningful gift. I am good about getting a great gift but not always one that means something. This year more homemade presents (the laser cutter is great for that). The time and effort I use to make is appreciated a great deal even if it is a small item. Nearly everyone is getting something made from me.

This is the most wonderful time of the year and I want to enjoy it to the fullest!

Have a Happy Holidays!


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