The Geeky Texan does...The Holidays

Here I am sitting quietly covered in my warm fleece heating blanket enjoying the twinkling of the holiday lights. December is the time of year we change out most of our every day decorations for holiday ones.  

I have tons of decorations for the holidays. I can do about any color tree you want or theme. I have really also trying to downsize all of that stuff because I just don’t use it like I once did.

Styles and tastes change as we age. I once loved flashy colors for the holidays but now I want more subtle colors. Decorations that can be used for longer than just a few weeks.

Even my tree is simple but oh so pretty. This might be my favorite yet. There is nothing like a fresh cut tree to bring the smell of the holidays to the home. 

I even have a cozy sitting area where I can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while enjoying the beauty of our tree. Hubby and kids picked a good one out for us!

My tablescspe was a quick change out from the fall. I changed the napkin holders which of course were made on the Glowforge and the centerpiece was items from the dollar spot and store. It looks very pottery barn like but it didn’t cost that! 

My wall was of things I either made or had around the house. It incorporated my new love of buffalo check that is so popular again. 

This is one of favorites and pretty much all from the dollar spot or store. I love the Pinterest pictures of these serving trays and after looking through my stuff and some cheap purchases, my counter centerpiece is complete. Plus it will help the family from always tossing stuff in the trays. 

A festive sign to go with my already cute one!

Of course my kitchen scape had to be done. I purchased those awesome red pitchers a few years ago at Hobby Lovby for dirt cheap. I think I got three of them and two were gifted with the flowers in them but of course I kept one. The cute snow boot planter was another dollar spot find. I have since added my new favorite scented candles of pomegranate and currant. 

Keep the tv sand pretty basic this year and just a few homey farmhouse additions.

My theme tree this year is Doctor Who dso my little corner is decorated as such with even my cute light box done up.

Holiday touches are all around the house this year. Both the front windows have trees to greet you ax you drive up. It’s truly a farmhouse Christmas here!

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