The Geeky Texan Does...Home Improvement

To start off with this is not by choice but a necessity because we had a leak in our master bathroom shower which of course is on the second floor.

Let me tell you this has been an incredibly hard month in December but lots of people checking on us which helps and I keep myself busy by crafting lots because I have been stuck at home to let in the mitigation team, plumbers and insurance adjusters.

Seriously from 9am till 3pm one day was a revolving door of all sorts of people. It was the norm for days as they put my house back together.

So we noticed a leak in our kitchen ceiling and of course thought the other was making calls. Of course the typical choice words on a Saturday and both of us asking around for recommendations.

Got a plumber out to cap the pipe and get it to stop leaking. He mentioned it was quite wet so a mitigation company was called to come out.

Let’s just say my kitchen ceiling and laminate floor were very wet as was all behind the shower area. They pulled the kitchen floor and drywall right than. Of course I watched in horror as the kitchen I had just redone get pulled apart.

Two hours later, no floor and a hole in the ceiling plus some super dry out fans all over the first floor and the bathroom.

Ontop of all this, my hubby had to go out of town for a conference. At least he was here to help some before going.

This is my craft area where the floor needed to come up as well because it seeped under that side to. I was like please be careful with my Glowforge.

Piles of dryers. The kids were so sick of hearing them. Though they are working to dry us out.

Put my craft/dining area back so I could still create. I had orders to do and it kept my mind off all of it.

My bathroom is partially gutted and new paint as well as tub and tile are going in.

I had hoped all would be done by Christmas because my parents came and my downstairs was done by that time.

Look how nice my kitchen turned out with the new floors and painting. The whole ceiling got done as well plus I fixed up

My dining room wall as well with a fresh coat on the one wall.

My living room also got new floors and a deep cleaning and reorganize of all my craft supplies. I love the twinkling lights so I kept them up to continue the hygge feeling.

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