The Geeky Texan...Resolutions

2019 is already here and nearly half a month in to it. I hate to have “resolutions “ but there are things I want to accomplish for this year.

I am a planner by nature so a big thing is to pick your word of the year. I choose:


I want to have a passion for something in my life. I have drive but sometimes the passion lacks so O hope by picking six things to work on this year will help with my passion!

1. Journaling more

I am working on a 30 day journal on peace as well as trying to better organize my thoughts for all the things I want/need to accomplish.

I also have one planner dedicated solely to my goals for the year and month.

2. Eating Better

I like food but need to be better so I joined a new online program to help with keeping me in check. Yes I want a cheeseburger but I need to learn that I don’t need one every day. I also need to change my eating habits so I am hoping this new program works!

3. Working out

The hubs and I were going three times a week to the gym and doing 30 cardio and 30 strength but than December hit. We hardly went and ate. We are getting back in the habit again with going.

We even have a goal in mind for when we achieve our desired results!

4. Expanding my craft biz

I have been working hard to gain new followers both on IG and FB. I am also working towards doing my first vendor fair in March. I have been working at creating fun products that encompass who I want my brand to be.

5. Self Care

This is so important and maybe should my number 1. I need to take time for myself. As a mom I give so much of myself out. Even for 30 minutes a day taking a nice hot relaxing bath r a few minutes writing in my journal. It helps to cleanse my palette of life.

6. Spending more time with the family

Seriously this has been the one that is the strongest. We have been working towards more us time as a family. We try to do things like weekly breakfast together or family game night. The kids are overall happier and so are we. Just need to work more on having them not bicker as much.

One month in and things are actually going well.

Am I stressed, yes but that is because of the variety of changes going on like moving our whole office to another location so getting all that set up has been stressful.

The changing weather of one day hot and one day cold is so much fun- not.

I actually have lost 7 lbs and am working out regular. My constant hunger has lifted so I feel more satisfied longer. I actually am having smaller lunches.

Better meals all around though I know as soon as baseball/softball starts we will be juggling the meals more.

Having goals are good and help us to plan and achieve them easier. I can adjust as I go and if I go a month without doing, it isn't a failure, I just need to redirect.

Thanks for stopping by!


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