The Geeky Texan...does some time!

Like the catching title? Actually I am doing time with a book that takes it time. If you have seen this book, it is wonderful. It really helps to slow one down and appreciate the simple things in our lives. Focus on the small things and remember the good feelings of anticipation.

My Mom got me this book as well as the other flow book 50 ways to draw your beautiful ordinary life. Both of these books are just beautiful and so full of wonderful thoughts and ideas.

The books work at slowing down in your life and taking time.

That takes time to be creative and mindful of the things we see in our lives.

One of the first chapters is the one about slowing down and the anticipation of things. Sometimes the anticipation is so much better than the actual thing.

I love Katie Doucette's beautiful quote about finding joy in the ordinary. Flow has so many of these wonderful quotes and ideas for us to live by.

I will keep posting about taking my time and enjoying this wonderful book that lets me read some good things and engages me with some interesting activities.

Thanks for stopping by!


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