The Geeky Texan...tackles the bathroom closet

So whose bathroom closet looks like this? Come on let’s be honest it most likely does. I completely cleaned and reorganized it awhile ago but well it became a monster again and with how nice my updated bathroom looked, I was really starting to dislike it!

I did question what was all that stuff and why was it all just shoved in there. So I decided just to pull it all out, clean and straight it out. I used stuff I had around the house already which was nice!

1. Pull everything out and throw anything and everything that is expired, broke, or just gross.

2. Wipe down your shelves and buckets.

3. Decide on how you want to organize it and than label it!

4. Make zones in your closet

  • Bottom is swim suits and other stuff we don’t use all the time.

  • Next up is the towels. I have rolled and folded but I prefer folded for the shelf.

  • Frequently used stuff like my oils, toothpaste, lotions etc.

  • Not as frequently used stuff like extra shampoo and body wash. Medications and bath related stuff.

  • Top shelf is all the other not frequently used stuff line extra hand towels, etc.

It looks so clean now and less stuff means it should stay that way. It always was a good way to stock up on things that we were low or out of!

Thanks for stopping by!


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