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Way back in 2017, September to be exact, my hubby and I were at breakfast. He got all giddy and told me he had ordered my 4Oth birthday present but it wasn't going to come till November (a month after my bday). He was like you want me to tell you and I pretty much gathered hewanted to tell me so he spilled the beans that he ordered a basic model of the Glowforge.

We had been stalking the the Glowforge from early on when the demo videos started popping up all over. It was in preproduction so they were taking preorders. At the time it was like a 2 year wait for it. Many owners waited that long if not longer. I was like two months is nothing and then that turned into six months. A very long six months but it stayed steady for a March delivery. Then March 2018 arrived and the stalking began. I think I asked him every single day if he got any emails from them. Then one day the magical email arrived with a delivery notice. A few days before the proof grade sample pack arrived.

So the day arrived and I waited ALL STINKING DAY for it. Nothing and then I had to take the kids to their games and left a note for delivery. My hubby got home as soon as he could and started prepping for it but it is so big, that he had to wait for me. I got home and we pulled it all out and set it up as fast as we could. I think like 15 minutes. It helped that I had read up on it. Seriously like 15 minutes to get it set up and we did our first print then. We did the founder's ruler as our first print. The kids loved that and I think I had to make a bunch for them.

The first few weeks, were learning more about Inkscape and working with different SVGs to create different things. Pinterest and the Glowforge site were great starts. One of the first projects I did was the huge Catan board that took a total of 9 hours to engrave and cut.

After that there was no stopping me at what I could create. Over the last year my skills and crafts have exploded. I spent one whole month away from it but during that time created tons of projects to make when I got back. Of course my hubby played with it as well and created all sorts of things as well as trying his hand at engraving food.

His biggest achievement was creating his high tops. He started at the class and brought it home to finish it up. He was able to cut the pieces and engrave them. They are truly a piece of art.

Even the kids have been learning to use it and the teen made magnets for her school locker among couples other things like her final project for her one her classes. Actually she has used it lots for school.

The machine cuts all sorts of things and believe me, I have created so many fun things from jewelry to signs and lots of in-between. Lots of custom stuff as well and I love creating them for customers.

Things I have learned over the year:

1. Pre-paint the wood and it comes out so nice. I don't paint well so this has helped so much.

2. Mix mediums because wood and acrylics make some fun stuff.

3. Designing your own stuff gets easier and easier but you also don't have to reinvent the wheel. I love purchasing design bundles for the various holidays.

4. My kids can use it and I let them use it. They have created their own designs and cut them.

Here are some more fun projects:

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