The Geeky Texan...Does Baseball Mom

So baseball/softball season is in full swing here at our house.

I pretty much wash uniforms multiple times a week. The boy has one uniform and usually two Gabe’s a week. The girl has two to three games but multiple uniforms but the tub with her is white pants.

Seriously white pants for teen girls us just awesome. We had 2 pairs which was nice even with the white pants shortage that seems to be around our area. You notice how everyone is wearing white pants!

Than this happened on one of the pairs!

She backed into the propane heater in the dugout so this serves as a warning!

Here is my trick though to keep the uniforms in check and in one place so we find them. I was so frustrated and tired of always looking for the parts because the boy always like to just toss where ever.

So after a game, I make sure to collect all the uniform pieces and wash them. As soon as they are clean they go into a basket for each kid.

Now we find them quickly and everyone has their uniforms.

My sanity is so much better now because of this!

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