The Geeky Texan does...Nerdy Farmhouse

I love the trend of farmhouse decor. It’s always been my style and as it evolved so did my tastes with it. The bunny has come and gone so it was time to redo my main living room/dinning room wall. I always like to keep a similar layout so I can just swap things out with the seasons.

This though is a new idea that has been brewing in my head for a few weeks. I did some research to see how to pull it off and along with some designing my own projects and than using my Glowforge, my nerdy Star Wars themed farmhouse style wall cake to be. 

I created my first project in Inkscape using the ever popular globe theme and well Death Starred it. It’s really simple and really cute. 

Next I had picked up this cute home sign from the dollar spot and added one of my favorite quotes from Episode 7. I mean when Han and Chewie walked into the Falcon and uttered these incredible words. 

Finally I had made this sign a few weeks ago and pulled it out my stash of stuff. I love it so much and it fit perfect in my theme. Of course a few of my Porgs which are hands down my favorite new creature are placed around as well as Rey.  It’s totally simple and all farmhouse with my Nerdy twist in it. I love when you are to mash decor up to for ones personal style.

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