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Baseball and Softball season are officially done for us. Here in Texas we start in February and go till the kids literally drop which is somewhere in June. Actually the boy was done this year in May but the girl went all the way to the State Championship with her team. At her level, the games are nail bitters for sure.

Playing all these seasons has taught me a few things to make our life easier and if you notice veteran ball moms tend to be very similar because often we divide and conquer because we can’t be in two places at once. Here are some of my tips to make it easy for parents especially if you are new to the sport.

  1. Less is best when lugging stuff at the games. If you aren’t a coach, you do not need a ton of stuff for a ninety minute game. Tournaments are another story and will touch on that later. Personally I either take my chair or a stadium seat because my bottom starts to hurt (that’s bring over 40).

  2. Water for you and water for the kids. Though my kids are notorious for forgetting theirs so I try to have a empty water bottle in my van all the time. I have a nice insulate cup for my water (it gets a laugh quote often (pitch please cup).

  3. Uniforms because this is the number one thing I hear parents struggle with. I have two baskets right there in my laundry room that are for each kid. As I pull uniforms out after washing, they do directly in there so we don’t hear where is my uniform. We have misplaced stuff so many times and just barely made it to a game because of it. I am very strict about them getting the stuff to the laundry room because if they don’t, they will wear dirty stuff. You can read up here.

  1. First Aide Kit. I take a trip to the dollar store right before the season starts and replenish my supplies. My kids are notorious for getting hurt. This picture was of each them last spring. One got a ball to the face and the other broke her pinkie. Spring also is rainy so fire ant piles spring up every where. Every year some kid will get bite. One year a poor kid tripped and got a large thorn in his finger so my first aid kit helped big time. Also hair bands if you have girls because they break and get lost all the time!

  2. Tournaments are a whole different ball game. We coordinate as a team to bring the essentials like folding tables, grill, coolers and food. We always have way to much but it’s nice to be able to have that the buffet of snacks for the kids. My luxury item for tournaments is my anti gravity chair. That thing is wonderful especially when you need a nap or a player does.

  3. The basics in your vehicle like sunscreen and bug spray. I make the kids apply before we head to the field so I don’t have lug a big bottle.

  4. I really like those big slotted trunk organizers because each kids gear fits nicely in each slot. I use the third slot for the first aide kit, blankets and extra stuff.

Playing ball is a commitment and both my kids are up to the challenge. By making it something that we have down has really helped in getting us where we need to be with out massive planning every single time.

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