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OMGosh did I love the Stranger Things and Neverending Story Smash up in the last episode (Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen it). When Stranger Things first started showing previews, I kept thinking what show is this with Winona Ryder but when I watched the first season, it was so much more.

I told my kids they could watch it and they fell in love with it. We watched season 2 all together and loved it. My daughter got more and more into it. Stranger Things creeped into her room and her wardrobe. She was not happy that season 3 took longer than the last but when she heard July 4 of this summer, she was so happy. The rub was we were up north with zero internet so she patiently waited for our return where we than binged it.

Since we finished it, she has made me track down the Stranger Things ice cream at Target. I personally loved the Sherbet and the rest loved Portal Praline. We also might have sang numerous times the Neverending Story song. I loved that movie as a kid. Fantasia and defeating the Nothing. My aunt thought it was too scary for her kids when I brought it for a sleepover.

With all this stranger things and Neverending story, I was inspired to create some fun mash ups for use cutting machines. You can use the svgs for a variety of projects and you can purchase them here.

Here are the fun svgs:

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The Geeky Texan

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