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Being a Mom is hard and that is a fact. We as moms work so hard at everything because well we are Moms. It doesn’t matter if we work or are able to stay home because we are always questioning if this is the right thing, the best thing or am I screwing it all up. We seem to naturally try to compete with each other instead of helping each out. Often times Moms try to see what they can get out of each other rather than just stop to help each other.

Over the last few months, I have been seriously thinking about this whole idea of the Momvocate and work at changing my way of thinking about other Moms. I know I can be judgie and I know so many other Moms who are as well. It’s hard when you see the wide variety of different personalities out there especially when often times the mean girl philosophy still lingers. One starts and well we seem to fall in line.

For my children, I need to work on this and over these past few months, I have slowly been working on trying not to be that way but instead be a positive Mom for others. Out of this the idea of the Momvocate came to be. It is a mom who:

  • Doesn’t judge other Moms for who they are.

  • This is the number one thing I personally want to work on.

  • A Mom who helps other Moms out without expectations.

  • I feel I am pretty good at this. Yes, there are times, I have felt used but that leads to my next one.

  • A Mom who lets that shit go.

  • Letting go is so hard and I am working on that big time.

  • A Mom who brings something to the table.

  • Every one has different skills and assets. We need to embrace that and not compete with it.

  • A Mom who is willing to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

  • If I am not strong, get help. If I need help, ask.

  • A Mom who lives by example.

  • We are mirrors of our children so we need to live a life we can all be proud of.

  • A Mom who knows how hard it is to be a Mom.

  • A Mom who lifts others up by positive means.

  • We need positiveness and not be told our flaws. Sometimes we see Moms who do that in attempt to make themselves feel better.

I am far from perfect and am always a work in progress. I need to work on so many things in my life and decided that maybe I need to do a weekly (I hope I can keep up) series on different things that help not just me but any mom that needs it. I want to focus on positive things and how to work there to get there.

I created this fun print you can use in your planner or stick on your vision board. I am going to take a deeper look at each of these over the next few weeks. Let’s work together to be Momvocate’s together.

Thanks for stopping by!


Your Momvocate

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