The Geeky Texan…Momvocate: Filling Your Bucket

My nine-year-old has been up since 11 pm last night sick. He came in our room, said he wasn’t feeling well and then bam it started. So here we are at 11:30 at night, steam cleaning the carpet and scrubbing the bathroom down because he didn’t make it. Poor kid has had a rough night which means we have had a rough night. Yep I didn’t sleep well and checked on him a few times. He laid in the bathroom for an hour because the floor was cool. We have all been there.

It’s so hard when your kid is sick because it drains both of you. As a parent you need to be on top of it for your sick kid but it is draining especially after a long week and also knowing there is no reprieve because there are sports all weekend. You also are wondering when the other child or when you are going to get it even though I have lysoled everything and anything the boy has touched or even looked at.

As my husband left for work, he did offer to stay home which was nice because he knows its going to be a long day. I did say that I had stamp club tonight which is important to me. I need to go to that for my own sanity and health. I need to make sure my bucket is filled so that I am able to do well for my kids. If my bucket is depleted, then I can’t give what I need to give to my kids.

There is a reason they tell you on the plane, to put your mask on first before helping others so that you are able to help. It is no different in life. We as parents need to have the ability to replenish ourselves and for each of it is different. We need to learn to balance having the time to take time for ourselves and do some self-care while also giving what we need to our families.

I hate when I hit the point where my bucket is so depleted and what little is left, gets knocked over. I lose it and usually run away. I scream and cry because I have had enough. It happens and often times, I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what my family knows to do. So, I have been trying harder and being better to not let myself get to that point.

I am working on filling my bucket so that I can be the best person not only for my family but also for myself. I work at it daily and am always trying to do the things that help me throughout life. I am also working with my family so they can help as well and be the best they can be. We all need to make sure our buckets are full.

To fill one’s bucket is different for everyone. First and foremost, your goals need to be realistic and achievable. If you think a long vacation will help fill my bucket but you have no time for that, it’s not a realistic idea. Will taking yourself out for coffee help instead. Learning the ways that calm us and help us is the key to helping fill your bucket.

Many of us are in different places (another post later on) so we need to find ways that can accommodate the best way. Take a moment and write down the things that make you happy that don’t include others. For me, it is reading, crafting and enjoying that morning coffee. I also try to take a bath every single night before bed. It is a way for me to calm myself and ready myself for bedtime. I have horrible insomnia so getting myself in a better state of mind helps especially now that peri menopause seems to be rearing it’s ugly head.

There is no shame in finding time for your self and you may have to force yourself to do it. All that stuff that weighs heavy on us, will be there still so taking a moment to step away is okay and should be done. Those dishes will be there later, laundry later but taking even five minutes to reset, will make it so much easier.

Fill your bucket with things that bring you joy and when you are happy, than others around you tend to become happier as well. It’s a constant work in progress so it’s all right to take baby steps but you are doing it for yourself and for your family.

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