The Geeky Texan..Momvocate: Comparison

Let’s be honest, it is hard not to compare ourselves to others. It is a natural thing we as humans do and Moms do it so much more because we are so anxious with everything. Are they getting enough food, love, attention and the other fifty million things we want for our kids.

As moms we tend to compare each other and be judgy. I am so guilty of it. I haven’t meet a mom who isn’t that way. We worry so much about Mom judgement and the shame that goes along with it. First and foremost, remember this- no mom is perfect.

Now repeat after me, we are not perfect. We have flaws and everyone has different flaws. But with those flaws come unique and wonderful differences. Ask yourself what makes me different and how does that make me happy?

So many things make me happy but so many things make me not happy. Finding more in lfe that makes us happy should be our ultimate goal. The mom with the expensive purse isn’t any happier than the mom in yoga pants who is playing in the dirt with her kids.

We tend to compare and stress. It is a vicious cycle that we women get into. It is hard to break free of that cycle but take some action by:

  1. Taking time for yourself (remember to fill your bucket)

  2. Realize that everyone is different and unique

  3. Stop comparing yourself

I know these sound simple but we know they aren’t. Everyone one has different talents and skills out there. Which of those can you contribute to the world and others. If you feel lack less in an area, how can you change that?

We are all unique and wonderful people. I am working hard to find the people out there that embrace who they are rather than become like the ones around them. I am a unique person and I have unique talents. I am someone who needs to be happy with myself and who I am. Confidence isn’t a bad thing so make sure you show how confident you are.

Just remember we are all awesome people who each bring something to the table.

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