Chalk Valentines Sign

It’s Valentine’s here in just about a month. For some reason I do enjoy deco for it and with the Chalk Couture products, I can make a ton of stuff that is seasonal but also interchangeable for the next holiday.

I was going to use this board for Christmas but I ran out of space and time. It was already painted this blue color. I thought it was perfect to make a fun sign.

I got all my supplies ready and decided to use the latest Chalk Couture club silk screen for it.

I angled it because I thought that would be a fun way to put it on. I than chalked it with three colors.

I added on the sweet candy heart accents and chalked those.

Here is the finished sign that I added to my Valentine's Day tree.

This will be one of the transfers at the January Craft Class and you can always check out my Chalk Couture page as well if you want to order anything.

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