Command Center Refresh

I am working through each room in the house and areas to clean and refresh as needed. I worked on the kitchen a few weeks ago and walked past my home command center and thought I need to refresh that some.

This is how it looked a few years ago when I moved a bunch of stuff around and made my wall by he garage our command center. It is something that started small and than grew to the size it is now. I actually cleaned it up some before the holidays and made the buffet under it the coffee bar. So now I can make my coffee and see what is going on for the day.

So I took all the stuff off and decided to spray paint everything to have a more together look and actually blend better with the kitchen area and my color scheme.

Having a ton of spray paint colors at your finger tips really helps. I wiped everything down and just started painting. I took the coral color cork board from the dollar spot and spray painted that a navy color which matches the kitchen color scheme better.

I then took the other cork board and the hanging file basket (which was red when my kitchen was accented in red) and spray painted them in a grey color. I did a few coats and they are by far not perfect but they are together looking.

If you don't have a command center, I highly suggest finding a spot in your kitchen or by a door to create one. It is a life saver in letting the family know where and what is going on. It motivates kids to get homework done when we have nights with sports to activities.

So here is the updated and refreshed command center.

Thanks for stopping by!

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