Fun with Chalk Couture

This snack tray took five minutes to create. Yep just five minutes using the Chalk Couture washable paste and screen prints.

Any chalked painted surface will work for this. The dollar spot always has chalked stuff. This is a 12 inch bitch round that I painted with chalkboard paint.

I prepped out my letters and played with placement. The screen prints are super easy to adjust as needed and those half circles help with placement to.

I chalked it and didn’t like the placement of that last “S” so guess what, I just wiped it off and redid it!

Much better now but I thought it needs something else so I just chalked half of the oval wreath on the top.

This isn’t food safe so I could put a glass plate over it or just stick a bowl in the center. I could even chalk the types of foods on it like cheese, fruit, etc. When I am done with it, I can just wipe it clean for something else or if I wanted it permanent just seal it!

If you like this look or want to try it, you can check out my monthly classes or go to my online store to purchase items!

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