Hygge Routines

This is the perfect time to practice Hygge the Danish practice of slowing down, being connected and living a life that is simple. I have been implementing the ideas of Hygge in my household for quite some time. Seriously it works to come home to calming atmosphere.

My stress level with all of this shelter in place has actually been much lower. I am finding that if I work on the things I can control vs letting the ones I can’t go really helps.

First and foremost we have slowed way down in our lives. Even my hubby who constantly works (it’s just owning your own business) is working at a slower pace. With people working remotely, the once urgency isn’t quite there. He is feeling better and says well rested most days.

Sleep is so important especially now. If our bodies and minds are rested, our immune systems can fight stuff. It’s full blown allergy season here in Texas and there is just a layer of pollen everywhere. So to help our immune systems, we are keeping regular bed time hours and rest periods during the day.

Mealtime has become a family affair. Most of our meals have been at the table together. We all chip in cooking, prepping and cleaning up. We also have wonderful conversations with each other. We are very guilty of grabbing food and plopping in front of the tv or even running out the door because of spirts and school. Having that 15-30 for every meal to stop and relax is helping us. Plus we aren’t eating as much overall.

Taking the time to have your home feel cozy. Throw blankets and pillows are a given anytime we sit down to read or watch a movie. Even the dogs have their own. Bro g comfy helps to find peace.

Enjoy the outside (even with allergy season). We go out to our backyard daily. Check out the birds, the flowers, and bask in the sun for awhile. It is amazingly calming. We also are constantly checking on our night heron parents as the prep for their chicks.

Being creativity! For me it is crafting, decorating and finding beauty in my home! It’s a motto I love to live by! Find something that isn’t mind numbing that gets you to use your brain!

Be positive! I know this one might be hard but if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s going to be much easier. Remember you can’t stress about the things you can’t control. I know it’s hard with jobs, money, etc. but I am a firm believer that things will work out.

I am trying not to be a pessimist in all of this. I am trying hard not to be gloomy. I am trying hard to be positive for my kids. I am working in having a mindset that will get us through this no matter how long it goes.

Try to enjoy this time as much as you can with your family. We can control that. Play games, stay in your pjs all day, have treats and love each other fully!

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