IKEA Upcycle

We have been waiting to take our quarter trip to Ikea which we finally got to do. Kiddo needed a few things to finish up her room redo. It was honestly one of our quicker trips because of everything going on but IKEA made us feel safe. We wore our masks and the store wasn’t mad crazy as it has in the past.

The first thing I saw was a two pack of pictures for $8 bucks. I love the one print but was just ok with the second. I did notice you could switch it out easily so I was like I could do something here.

It is a cute print but not my style so I thought what could I do and well the idea popped into to switch out the print. I used paper I had on hand which is a cute lemon print which matches my kitchen currently.

I just wrapped the print with this paper and put it back in the frame.

I made it a dry erase board in my kitchen to write note and things needed.

Thanks for stopping by!

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