Keeping Busy During Chaos

Let's be honest, it is hard to honestly gauge the news right now with everything on the Corona virus. We have all heard so many different stories as to the scale of how bad it is for the American population. It is a scary time because we just don't know and society has shown us in so many ways, tons of worst case scenarios for a pandemic. I am not here to create more panic but to hopefully get you thinking as to ways that you are getting ready for a time where you might have to limit and contain yourself if asked.

This isn't the first time we will have to shelter in place if needed. Back in 2017, Harvey just dumped so much rain on our area and that for a few days we were literally on an island until the creek waters receded. The grocery stores had limited hours and gas was limited in our area as well for a few days. For two weeks, the kids didn't have school and countless people lost their homes to flooding. I was ready for it because we prepare for storms and just like these horrible storms, we need to prepare in case we do have to shelter in place.

Here is my basic plan for getting ready as well as passing the time of the shelter in place.

1. Enough food for two weeks for 2 meals per day per person.

We are a family of four with two pets, so I need to have a breakfast and dinner meal planned out for us that is easy and storable. Diet restrictions are not something I am going to worry about. I am also planning on meals that we can duplicate as well as have left overs. Meals like spaghetti, casseroles, and soups are easy ones. Breakfast is good to have protein bars, cereal, and easy to go to foods.

I am also going to have limited snacks as well because my kids are growing but I don't want them to graze constantly so a rule of limits will take place.

If you need assistance with food, please contact your local food bank. Many are creating food packs for such an event. All the food bank requires is to fill out a brief form and you can get a variety of food from canned goods, dry good, bread, fruits/veggies and meats.

2. Things to do to keep active

My first plan to keep busy is to pick a room and deep clean it each day. I mean, move stuff, wipe down baseboards, and work on things that get neglected because of our busy lives.

Explore hobbies that you might have let fall to the way side. Take time to reconnect with yourself and your family. Plan a game night, movie night etc.

If you are able to work remotely, work it as a regular work day and set hours. Find a comfy place to work that limits distractions. We are able to work remotely and my husband often works from home and wrks upstairs in our bedroom.

3. Limit your news coverage.

I don't mean to turn it off but limit it. It can be like a car crash and hard to turn away from. I remember the constant coverage with 9/11 and it still stays with me. Check the news twice a day to get status either online or through the tv. Our kids absorb so much and we don't realize the impact it can be on them.

If we follow the rules closely like wash your hands, limit interactions, keep a safe distance from others, and have supplies, we should okay. Don't fall victim to scams that are out there that prey on the scared people.

I am not a medical expert but I know that I need to be prepared if we have to shelter in place. I try to be level headed and not fan the fire of it all.

4. Talk to your Kids!

My kids are old enough where they watch the news and know what's going on. The nearly 14 year old actually likely knows more than us because she has been reading up. We had a family meeting and discussed what's happening and what are part is in it. We asked the kids for ideas and they gave us some.

5. Help where it is needed

If you know of an elderly person who can't (and shouldn't go out), offer to get groceries. Check on neighbors and friends to see how they are doing and if they need anything at all. We are just coming off spring break here so many were traveling for the week and are coming home to this chaos.

6. Keep the economy going

You might not want to go sit down in a restaurant but order food to be delivered. I guarantee all those meal delivery services will be ready to deliver food plus it helps to charge it up. Take time to go out and make purchases as needed but practice social distancing with others.

The biggest and fastest thing spreading at the moment is fear. We need to take precautions, wash our hands, limit our interactions and be informed so that we can help slow the spread of the virus.

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