Laundry Room Refresh

I have been wanting a counter in my laundry room from the moment that I got the front load machines. Time and well lack of real knowledge prevented me but I finally decided it needed to be done. So 50 bucks later and half a day, I have a place to fold stuff.

They are far from perfect but fit my needs. The room really needs a paint job but I so don’t want to pull everything out to do it so I decided to make do.

This was how it looked before. It served it needs and it was nice but I really wanted a counter top. Tons of socks fell behind or on the side of the dryer.

I wanted this to be a easy project and one I could do myself. I used 4 8in x 8 foot boards. I could have used the 6 foot ones but I wasn't sure the length and wanted to make sure I had enough. I can always use the extra two feet of boards for other projects.

So I cut them down to the correct length of the space and did a light sand on them. I really wanted them to be rustic and farmhouse so I didn't put a ton of effort into making them look wonderful.

I than added on back, some bracing pieces to help keep them straight.

I then popped them into place and decided to stain them. I am a messy stainer and I got the wall a tad so I made side pieces for the top. It actually gave it a more finished look.

Here is after I stained them.

I cleaned the area really well and added a new long rug rather than the mismatched ones I had there. If I am folding stuff, its nice to have some padding.

I really like how it turned out. It was about 50 bucks to do and a little over an hour honestly to create the top. Now my laundry room is more functional.

I have my laundry soap right there as well as a basket for random stuff. Those middle baskets are for the kids ball uniforms. I pull them out of the machine directly and just put them in there so I don't get "Mom, where is my ball stuff" fifty million times.

Thanks for stopping by!

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