My 2020 Planner

Planner junkie here! I have no shame with my planner but 2019 was one of multiple planners for all the things I do. This year, I decided I wanted to combine all those things into one so back in October I set to work to develop my multi functional planner.

First off I didn’t find any actual Happy Planners that I loved so I franken planned from a few different ones. The basic structure was a Happy Notes which I added in a variety of different tabs and areas that fit my needs!

I broke it up as follows:

1. Monthly

2. Weekly

3. The Geeky Texas

4. Windhover

5. Meal Plan

6. Journal

7. Notes

This is my monthly reflections page in my planner. I think it is good to write down some goals and just reflect on the month before.

This is my monthly layout as well. I picked a Harry Potter theme which is through out the month.

My weekly layout. I love having great sayings to reflect upon when I am looking at the planner.

I am a big meal planner so I plan for a month and make my list as I need. I am a big fan of online ordering and delivery. It has helped to save money and just make my life easier.

I also have different sections for The Geeky Texan as well as Windhover Labs so I can keep track of tasks and things I need to do.

Finally I have a journal area where I can do some daily or weekly journaling to put my thoughts to paper. The journal is both free hand and prompted to get those thoughts flowing.

This really been working for me big time and I have a nice purse to be able to carry it in. It is both a way to keep me organized and give me an outlet to be creative.

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