New Year Refresh: Tips for the home

Its always a big deal to do spring cleaning but I am of the mindset to do a good deep cleaning and organization numerous times a year. Transitioning back from the holidays is always a great time to deep clean and get yourself organized again. Winter break has been for me a time to get stuff back in order and a good cleaning.

Here are some good tips to use to help refresh your home for the new year.

Kitchen Tips:

My fun DIY tray that I made and yep it's likely going to be in a coming up craft class.

My kitchen got a redo in September of 2018 where I painted the cabinets and redid the counters. I loved it but wear and tear on them started to show. I noticed where we grabbed the cabinets the paint started to wear off and my sweet kiddo really scrubbed the counter one day taking the paint off. So I went ahead and fixed it all plus I added handles to the drawers and cabinets to help with the wear and tear.

Here are a few tips to help you out and take less than an hour of your time:

1. Remove all the stuff from your counters and do a good wipe down. Only add back what you use. It's a good time to go through the paperwork and decor to decide what is needed and not.

2. Wipe down your cabinets. My kid bakes a lot so I noticed that she wasn't the cleanest so I wiped it down (than touched up my paint).

3. Clean out your pantry and fridge. I actually do this a lot to make sure that we rotate fd times and get rid of anything spoiled.

4. Straighten the cabinets out. Simple and easy. Toss old pans and vacuum them out if there is crumbs.

Bathrooms tips

My master bath got a redo last December/January after a water leak. It was awful and the bathroom was unusable for most of that time. The good news was that I got a brand new and beautiful shower and bathtub. The whole bathroom got a paint job as well. It was so nice to have it refreshed so I wanted to keep it up.

1. I deep cleaned the tile. I used my carpet cleaner that has nice spinning brushes which picked up all the dirt.

2. Take everything off the counter and like the kitchen, do a good wipe down and put back only what you use.

3. Clean under your cabinets and get yourself a good basket for bathroom cleaning supplies.

4. Clean our your linen closet and refresh your towels. You can find great prices on new towels at places like Kohl's. I went through and got rid of all the bad towels and made them rags for cleaning.

Bedrooms tips

My kids were actually all a board on this one because they knew that with the holidays that new stuff was coming so they made a point of doing a deep cleaning which included the carpet. We rearranged the rooms as well. My room got a good deep clean as well.

1. If needed move the furniture around. Sometimes rearranging helps to get motivated.

2. Take everything off your dressers and night stands. Wipe them all down as well as the knick knacks. Good time to see what you want to put back or what decor refresh. My hubby likes to keep his work stuff on his side which includes lots of computer stuff. I got a nice covered basket for him to store his stuff plus he can move it if he decides if he wants to work other places.

3. Dust your headboard and door jams because I swear dust pops up there instantly.

4. Clean your carpets which is something I suggest doing on a regular basis especially if you have pets. It gives your room a nice refresh as well.

You don't have to do huge things to make your house be happy again. Small and simple things can easily make you love it again. I am a happier person when my home is order. It helps me to feel calm with all the things that go on outside the house.

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