Reading Goals

I love to read but honestly it gets busy with life. Sometimes I binge read while other times, I go weeks without reading. One of my 2020 goals is to read/listen to 25 books.

January is nearly over and I am pretty much keeping up with my goal. It’s approx. 2 books a month to read or listen to. I love being able to listen to audio books while I run the kids all their places or if I am working or crafting.

I started January off with Stephen King’s “The Outsider” which was so good (seriously if you can’t read it, watch the HBO miniseries). Next was Blake Crouch’s “Recursion” and he is one of my favorite authors. He wrote the Wayward Pines series which was so trippy.

I just finished a YA book by another favorite Neal Shusterman called “Dry”. He wrote another fav series The Arc of Scythe. I started “Magic Bitter Magic Sweet” by Charlie M. Holmberg. Her series the Paper Magician is so much fun and is something teens could read.

Not only am I listening to a few books, but actually reading a few at any given time. It really is about how I feel for the day in what I read or listen to. Today I might feel like reading a mystery. Tomorrow sci-fi type books. On occasion romance (I am slowly working through one right now to).

I think reading is important and have loved doing it since I could read. My kids aren’t as much as lovers of books but do read. I wish they would read more but I know all the stuff with school is tough, so I don't push too much.

I even got a reward from Amazon for listening to my audiobooks a certain amount in January which was cool. It means more audio books to listen to. So what is your goal for reading this year? I hope to read and listen to a wide variety of genres.

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