Sport Mom Essentials

My hubby laughed at me when he saw the back of our minivan because of all the supplies I have. He was like this looks like you are getting ready for the end of times. No I am not but I am prepared for Baseball/Softball season which consumes our lives from February to June every year.

A few years ago, I started with a small first aide kit which I got after my youngest got into an ant pile and I had nothing in my van to help him (lucky another parent did) so I vowed that I would have that stuff available because you never know when something might happen. Shortly after I got my stuff, a kiddo at the ball field stepped in a ant pile and I came to the rescue. Then my own kid got hurt and I had stuff ready for it. Actually I have used it more times than I wold have liked but you know what, it was there for that reason.

So at the start of the season, I go to the dollar store and stock up on all sorts of things for ball season. I want us to have it and not have to run out to get it. Plus its a good time to stop and see what should be added to the pile and if anything needs to be removed.

This is my van command center. Here is where I store all sorts of first aid supplies, sunscreen, bug spray, garbage bags, cooling towels and some girl supplies because I have a teen now. If you need it, it is likely I there. I also created a small supply bagger my daughter for her softball bag with many of these things, because sometimes is needed. She chuckled when I bought maxi pads but I said you never know for you or a teammate.

My bucket of everything

First level is extra water because one kid ALWAYS forgets water. Paper towel and snacks are important too. Yes I will toss a snack to a crabby kid at anytime because I want to enjoy myself. Yes you do see toilet paper in there. Most fields are really good about it but yep I have ventured in after a long tournament day to find none in the stall. I was the savior last spring one the bathroom was out, so a quick run to the van and passing it out to anyone who needed it .

I always have an extra glove for playing because someone may need it.

Yes a blanket and a neck pillow. I have no shame in staying in the car for practice and napping. I also like a blanket for those cool nights at the ballpark because honestly it can be a wind tunnel there.

Finally my bleacher seat or if needed I will add chairs in if we are going where there are not great bleachers. I have had a variety of them over the years and this one is nice, compact and comfy.

If your kids play any sports, it is wise to have a stash of stuff ready to go. Muddy games, I just grab a garbage bag and toss them as well as grimy pants (thankful for sliders).

I also have the kids gear in there plus my car bag which has some tools, and a tire inflator. Seriously we have been in situations at the fields where we needed tools. Thankful for a fellow parent and their leatherman when our van door got stuck open.

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