Sunday Routine

Do you have a Sunday routine? Are you like what’s a Sunday routine? Do you get ready for the week or do just wing it?

I am of the mindset that I have a routine on Sundays to get ready for the week. I work at getting the laundry ready, meal plan, calendar prep and anything that might need to get done. I also stress to the kids as well to start the week off as well by putting clothes away and having their rooms clean. Basically do those things that we don't want to rush around Monday morning to get done.

1. Meal Plan

I am a big one to meal plan and I usually do this midweek, and order my groceries for Friday pick up. Then on Sunday, I put the plan on board and get ready anything that needs to come out of the freezer to start defrosting. Every night, I try to do this so the meal prep for the night is a quick one.

2. Calendar

Have a command center where you can put your weekly events happening. Then my kids know what is going on each night and where we need to go. If the kids ask what is up, I tell them to look at the calendar.

3. Pick up the house for the week.

I don't mean a deep clean but pick up everyone's stuff (It actually is a practice we have every night). By doing this, you start the day with a clean slate. You get up and you aren't overwhelmed by the house being upside down.

4. Prep lunches for the kids.

My nearly 14 year old has this down to a science. She preps her snacks and whatever she needs for her lunch so in the morning she just takes like 2 minutes to pull her stuff out. Still working on the boy to get this accomplished.

5. Laundry

Finish up and laundry that needs to get done and put away. We need to have our stuff ready to go and not in piles or baskets. My son is so guilty of this. We are really working on him and he realizes that it sets a better tone for the week to.

My Sunday routine really only takes a short time. I got through my list and check off what needs to get done. This has really helped to make the week start off. My routine may not work for you but I hope it gets you started. Try what wrks for you and for from there.

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