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Homebody here by nature so staying in to shelter in place hasn't been that hard for us. First week has been fine. No real meltdowns (a few minor ones that were expected). House is spotless and my laundry is nearly all done. I need to mark that with a big WOW so I can remember there was a time that I had it all done so when I look at the laundry room in the future, it is full again and tears well up, I can think I did it and I can do it again.

One of the few things that is keeping us together is laughter and finding joy in things. Watching our favorite shows and movies. We are also trying not to binge watch tv because that is a rabbit hole easily to fall down and I just can't sit down. It is not my nature unless I just want to the veg out. I am a doer and well so is most of the rest of the family. The boy is really the only one who can just sit and space. I think it is because his mind is going like 90 miles an hour most of the time so it is nice to just tune out.

We are finding ways to have this work for us because as of right now, we have at least three more weeks of it if not more. We have a lot of it down and are working on making it not feel overwhelming. Told the kids at the start of this to just have us get through this first week and then we can move forward. I think that helped a ton.

I am a huge planner and list maker.I sat down at the start of this week and planned it out so at least we had something to go from. We didn't know how school was playing out and now we do which helps. We set up a schedule and we have been working hard to stay to it. We all talked and will be modifying it this coming week because we want it to work better for us. The kid had full input in that as well. If they have some decision making power that helps a ton as well. They also know expectations and the youngest actually asked if we can be more like school during the day so we will try that.

Here are a few things we are doing that helps us out. I encourage you to work on one as well. Maybe do a at home bucket list and check stuff off. Find something that works for you that isn't setting you up to fail. Because if you feel like you are failing, this isn't going to go well in the long run.

Get outside multiple times a day. Talk a walk around your neighborhood. Good to the park (Practice social distancing). Find something that gets the energy out. We are lucky to have a pool and mild weather so the kids have been in daily. They have also been outside playing catch and kickball with each other. Small groups are okay in my opinion of kids interacting outside. Just being out for a while gets you some fresh air, sun and maybe some interaction at a safe distance. I actually used my new softball/baseball chair watching them play outside.

One fo the first things my oldest asked to do was make a garden so she has been hard at work, getting the stuff ready and prepping her plants. We are cleaning up our yard and working at placements for her fledging plants as they grow. This is also a great lesson in doing stuff for your self.

Neglected house projects like I need to change out my faucets in the master bathroom. I also went around a touched up paint. Everything got deep cleaned and organized (though I am pretty much always doing that). It is also a great time to teach the kids some basics like too usage. I asked if anyone wanted to learn to use the lawn mower, all I got was groans. That's fine because it helps keep the economy going by having our lawn guy come.

This one might sound odd but journal and document the time. This has never happened in the history of the modern world. It is something so new to all of us and we should record it. We need to record the best and the worst of things. It is okay to note how people grabbed all the TP but it is also wonderful to note how small businesses are being helped out in order to stay a float. I am a documenter by nature and decided to work on a journal specifically for this time so that we can look back to remember this time. For me I am working on what I can take away from this and how will this change us?

Finally find something to look forward to and plan for it. It might be something after all of this to look forward to or like us something we are planning for each week.

For us we decided to support local restaurants that will need to survive so each Saturday night is take out night and we plan on ding it fancy as well like we are actually going out.

Each of us will get a Saturday night were we pick the place to order from and either have it delivered or picked up. We are planning on going all out for it and we are all looking forward to it. We each get to pick something we love to eat and have fun with it. The kids are already planning on what they are choosing. It helps us to look forward to something but it also helps local businesses out as well. We need to keep stimulating the economy so we can make it through this all.

This will pass and we need to all see the good in it. Yes it is bad but we have all seen bad before. The good is what will get us through this and we need to stay as positive as possible. It is tough but we are all in this together.

Thanks for stopping by and if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. I am here so feel free to PM, text me, call me, email me, or FaceTime just please don't stop by!


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