Top 5 Organizational Tips

Organizing for me is seriously one of my favorite things to do. It’s something I admit to doing a lot. That might seem weird but with kids and busy live, we are always adapting so I am updating as needed!

Here are my top 5 favorite tips that work for us:

1. Containers and more containers

You need to be smart with your container organization. Over use can add to the clutter big time. Yes I can be guilty of this at times. I have been working on paring down and keeping a stash for when I need one.

The best place to get bins is for sure the dollar store. They have all shapes and sizes to fit most needs. I am also one to shop sales and will repurpose stuff all the time.

My most favorite is the bucket on my stairs. This is where all the ups to stuff goes (my laundry is up there, great place for towels).

2. Kids drop zone

Kids like to drop there stuff where you ever. Nearly every single day my son comes home and kicks his shoes off right by the door and drops his backpack somewhere between there and the kitchen. It ANNOYS me to bo end.

We have a drop zone right out side our garage door. Each kid has a hook for their backpack (my son claims he never knows about it). They also have a basket underneath the hooks for lunch kits and whatever else they might need.

3. Sports Baskets in Laundry

This is my tip that I hope you get the most out of because it has saved us so many times!

Each kid has a basket on top of the washer/dryer that houses their baseball/softball clothes. I put their uniforms, practice pants, belts, socks and hats. Then when it’s time to get ready, just grab the basket to get ready.

As I wash and dry, I just insert it into the basket right away so it doesn’t get lost in the Bermuda Triangle of their rooms.

4. Command Center

This is what keeps my family going. I put on here:

A. A calendar

B. Homework location

C. Notes

D. School Stuff

5. A good planner

Seriously a good planner wither online or paper. I do everything in this. I meal plan, have the monthly calendar, ideas for my biz well as info for the hubs business. I even have a journal to keep my thoughts and memories of what is happening.

This is a life saver and I carry it with me everywhere. I pull it out when I need to know about my life.

Find what works for you and implement it because a few quick changes will help out so much. People always comment how busy I seem to be and if I keep y life organized with these simple tricks, it helps so much.

Thanks for stopping by!