Upcycling Fun

There is a ton of things in my house so I need to reuse and upcycle stuff in my house. I decided to challenge myself to create two different pieces using stuff I already had in the house.

The first thing is taking my tobacco basket which I use for all sots of things and creating something new out of it. This honestly looks high end and I am sure would cost a nice penny at the store but I made it for nothing because I had everything on hand.

I got this basket while ago and used it for putting pine cones in for the holidays. After that, I was like what could I do. I really wanted to refresh my headboard some so I took down the wreath down that was there and created this piece.

I sprayed painted a small sign I had on hand (hobby lobby 90 percent find) and than chalked the Live Simply on it. To make it removable, I glued ribbon on the back and just tied it on. Then just stuck the flowers which were on the wreath on with a touch of hot glue. I love how it turned out so much and looks really good above curbed.

The second project was using paint sticks and I built a small crate out of them.

After I built it, I spray painted it red and added in the cute red buckets and trees (they were my ones on their for Xmas). I than took a one dollar canvas (I always have those in my stash) and chalked on the XOXO. Then hot glued on the red flower which was also from the wreath.

It is easy for a few bucks to grab some spray paint and repurpose and update the things in your house that maybe no longer match your decor but you still like to have out. I may very well change out the color of the basket to grey after Valentine's Day to something more neutral.

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