Updated Front Entrance

When you enter our house, it looks straight upstairs and I really can't do much about it other than just stand and block it. I did finally a few years ago decided that I wanted to make it a drop zone for us because we really didn't have a place for coats because the closet that should be that was my craft closet aka the "Monica" closet as friends affectionally called it.

I decorated it for the seasons as well. I had hall tree on the side of the door which was slowly becoming more and more unstable as time went on. I was like how can I easily update this area and refresh it. I seem to always do this around this time of year.

First off I love that cabinet and it is floating around the house looking for a new home and I am pretty sure I know where it is going when I move another large piece here soon.

I also admit that I really banged up that wall with holes and more holes. I didn't really want to paint it but instead I found a reposition and already sticky wallpaper in a fun rustic wood print. Seriously this went up pretty easy and my only thing was it was deceiving with how much was actually there so I needed two rolls of it which added to my cost. I still kept it under 100 bucks though.

I cleared everything away from the wall and took off the door knob bumper thing. I think way before we moved in like before 2003, the knob hit the wall and made a whole. They had a quick fix for it and I just replaced it with another quick fix.

Yes that is also a dog door and my hubby put it in years ago for the cat and his box. It needs to be repaired and when we are ready, the whole wall will get fixed but I want a quick fix for right now.

So I added on the wallpaper sandpit it the wrong way. I really like how it turned out and looks like more real wood planks. You could easily do a whole wall for under 200 and half a day. I suggest two hands if you want to accomplish that.

The horrible hall tree went to the garbage pile because no matter how I tried, It never adjusted right and was always rocky. I then got for under 45 bucks from Amazon, a new hall tree that has a bench and shoe rack. My son loves it and has already been putting his stuff on it.

Of course I needed decor as well and went into my Chalk Couture stash and made a few signs to match the theme I was going for. I loved how they turned out. It is amazing how some spray paint and an hour of your time can make.

It turned out so nice and love that it doesn't feel so cluttered now. You can still see straight up the stairs but that has become a better focal point once inside the house.

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