Valentine's Window

Valentine's Day can be a holiday that people either decorate for or they just let it go by. I am fan of decorating and I start about a month out before the holiday because I like to have the festive feel. I try to make it not in your face and just have a few things. I change out my living room wall always and use what I have, just switch out a few things.

Back in December when I was visiting Branson, I saw this beautiful piece of art that was done on a old window. I so want to make my own at some point but need to find the perfect window. For now I am using a faux window from Target which I decorated with vinyl. You could also use window cling if you really want to make it easy to switch out.

Here is the window from Target Dollar Spot.

I designed in Design Space (search for file under Valentine's Houses_Benson). You need to flip the tree and the grey portion of the houses.

I put the grey portion on the back side of the frame. Than added on the front part of the houses on the front side of the frame.

This is it nearly done. I added the grass on the back as well.

When it was all done, it looked like this:

I can easily peel it off if I wanted to change it out for a new holiday (Like maybe change out the hearts to something else. I can also change out the house colors as I want.

I really think this is a cute idea an see so many different ideas here ti be able to use this idea. I think chalking on it would also give it a different look as well. You know I will likely be doing one of those as well.

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