Word of the year!

For the last few years l like to pick a word to help kick off the year. Honestly I usually forget it in a few months but one word that keeps popping up in my head has been “Growth”. It’s something that is important to me. I am now in my 40s and I don’t want to be stale in the things I do. I need to grow more for my family but also for myself.

As we get older, our focus shifts because of all the things that are in our lives. We adapt and sometimes that adapting pulls us on a path that might not be the one we intended to be on. It’s not a bad thing to change your path but it’s more what you make it!

The one question that I ask myself is how do I want to be defined by....?

Did you think others, family, etc? See I realized that I want to define myself. I don’t want to only be known as someone’s mom, wife, or daughter though those are all things I am proud of that I am. I want to make a definition of myself that I can be proud.

So I am working on a plan that helps me better define myself.

Questions I ask myself?

* What are the things that makes me happy?

* What makes me sad?

* What are my talents? How can I share them?

* What fills that bucket inside of us to feel whole?

Lots of deep life questions which I surely do not have the right or full answer to yet. I don’t think I will ever have them fully answered which is actually okay.

These are all things that I want to work on with my growth as a person. I have things I want to accomplish and you know what that’s going to be work which is worth it.

So take this journey with me. See what you want to accomplish for yourself because if you are happy, your family will become happier. Happy people make other happy people!

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